• Job Title: Social Workers
  • Program/Dept:TPCS
  • Reports to: Site Manager, Kelowna
  • Effective Date: Open
  • Last Updated: Open


The Social Worker provides a range of supports, serving homeless/at risk individuals, many of whom are living with mental illness and substance use. The Social Worker participates with clients and residents in the development and implementation of service plans, including: assessment; goal setting, achievement and review; resource acquisition; and monitoring in the areas of daily living, financial, vocational/educational, social supports, health, harm reduction, culture, recovery and leisure/recreational supports. The Social Worker works closely and collaboratively with other direct service staff, family and external service providers, advocating for access and rights as needed. The Support Worker also provides daily supports including crisis intervention, and general problem solving.

Job duties

  • Review and maintain client files.
  • Measure the effectiveness of treatment programs by tracking clients’ progress.
  • Share information on clients’ progress with other social service and healthcare providers.
  • Keep program statistics for evaluation and research.
  • Interview clients individually, or in groups, to assess their situation and problems and determine the types of services required.
  • Develop and review care plans based on individual needs and progress.
  • Provide counsel to assist clients in developing skills to deal with and resolve their social and personal problems.
  • Plan programs of assistance for clients including referral to agencies that provide financial assistance, legal aid, housing, medical treatment and other services.
  • Act as advocate for client groups in the program, lobby for solutions to problems directly affecting client groups and develop prevention and intervention programs to meet community needs.
  • Develop or advise on social policy legislation, conduct social research and assist in community development.
  • Provide mediation services and psychosocial assessments.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of counselling and social programs.
  • May supervise other social workers.

Key Skills and Abilities – for supporting people receiving our services

  • Establish a dignifying and purposeful relationship with the client, contacting and getting to know the client as a unique individual, and clarifying the role of the SW and client in the service planning process
  • Understands and maintains clientele/worker boundaries.
  • Respond to problematic behaviour using an understanding of the behaviour’s context and function
  • Knowledge of mental health diagnoses, medications, treatment and support resources
  • Knowledge of the bio-psychosocial addictions model, including stages of change and harm reduction and subscribes to and advocates for the harm reduction approach.
  • Knowledge of diagnoses, treatment and support resources in the areas of substance use, physical health, HIV and Hepatitis C
  • Knowledge of the housing continuum, including supported housing systems and program models for vulnerable population.s
  • Demonstrates understanding of oppression and marginalization as related to chronically homeless individuals and possess exceptional communication skills and abilities to engage marginalized populations.
  • Strong advocacy skills.
  • Ability to effectively and safely resolve crisis situations
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team
  • Ability to establish workload priorities, adjust to new or unexpected events, problem solve, and deal effectively with conflict situations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and the ability to maintain detailed and accurate records.
  • Knowledge of local and regional community and social service agencies.
  • Recognizes, analyzes and deals with potential emergency situations such as clients’ aggressive behaviour to minimize potential harm to the clients and/or the public. Reports problems to the supervisor.
  • Ensures health and safety standards are maintained.
  • Identifies social, economic, recreational, physical, vocational and educational services in the community that will meet clients’ needs. Maintains liaison with other agencies, professionals, government officials and the community.


  • Bachelor of Social Work degree
  • Two years recent related experience
  • Or combination of education, relevant experience and training.
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1 & Basic CPR certification
  • Food Safe certification
  • Valid BC Drivers’ License

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