Red Zone Action Team, Lack of voluntary and timely services for offenders, Hospital Discharge Action Team


Hospital Discharge Action Team
The Hospital Discharge Action Team was created in October 2009 to work with the hospital and outreach workers to ensure homeless citizens receive proper care after being discharged from the hospital. By December 2009, a protocol /resource list was created. The group was creative with the limited resources available to them, but succeeded in coming up with solutions for better follow up care for homeless individuals. In 2011 the Society joined with other shelters across the province to establish a province wide hospital discharge protocol. This provincial committee continues to meet periodically to review the protocol and strategize around new challenges.

Lack of voluntary and timely services for offenders
In early 2012 the Society started conducting pre-release planning at Kamloops Regional Correctional Center (KRCC) for Vernon citizens planning on returning to their home community. As there is no official relationship or protocols between KRCC and the Society the contact has been limited. In Nov 2014 the Society started a committee working with the Violence Against Woman in Relationships committee and the Vernon Women’s Transition Society. The goal is to assess the lack of voluntary and timely services for offenders and work collaboratively to ensure appropriate reintegration supports are available. In 2015 the Society was contracted to operate the Homeless Prevention Program funded by BC Housing. One of the program mandates is to provide assistance, referrals and access to assistance finding housing for people leaving the corrections systems.