Providing opportunities for employment and training has been a foundation service of the Society since the 1960's.

This service is temporarily suspended.

In fact, the founding Executive Director, Bill Hesketh, was decades ahead of his time when he created Howard Industries in the 1970’s as a separate arm of the Society. Until the early 1990’s, Howard Industries provided employment and training opportunities primarily in the forest, agricultural and construction sector.

Howard Industries Ltd. was revived in 2010 as an incorporated entity, separate from the Society. Howard Industries functions as a social enterprise – a business venture designed to provide a needed service or goods to the marketplace, while supporting the mission of the Society.

Howard Industries provides the following services:

  • Handyman services:┬áProviding general clean-up and moving services to local residents and businesses.

  • Uncle Howies Kitchen:┬áCatering delicious meals and snacks for meetings and private contracts.

For more information on our services or to submit a resume:

Attention: Howard Industries Manager