Vernon, B.C.— We know that in the coming days, weeks and months ahead, more community members experiencing poverty and homelessness, or facing barriers to stable housing, will be seeking access to Turning Points programs and services, including a safe, warm place to shelter.

Turning Points staff are prepared to meet this increase in demand. Our outreach staff have been working to connect with our community members sleeping rough. This means, when possible, encouraging these folks to move into available accommodations.

Throughout the pandemic, Turning Points has worked closely with community partners to identify sites that could be used for temporary accommodation in the event of an emergency. Thanks to this pre-emptive work, we have been able to secure the necessary accommodations to meet the potential increased demand for shelter in our community during the winter months ahead.

However, we also know that there will be community members who do not wish to move into these accommodations.

Thanks to recent generous donations, Turning Points  has the means to provide assistance for those in our community who do not wish to move inside during the cold. This might come in the form of warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags or life’s essentials like personal hygiene items.

“With the likelihood of a long, cold winter ahead, our preference would be to create enough space in this community so that every individual experiencing homelessness would have a safe, stable place to call home,” said Turning Points Collaborative Society executive director Randene Wejr. “While this is our main goal, in the lead up to this happening, we will do everything we can to make sure those who need help have access to our services and programs.”

Turning Points Collaborative Society is a non-profit business based in Vernon, British Columbia. The Society offers a continuum of care that ranges from services and programs for people experiencing homelessness to addiction treatment and sober living facilities, as well as employment services.

As one of the largest employers and fastest-growing organizations in the Okanagan, Turning Points plays a vital role in the health, safety and economic stability of the region.