On Monday, February 22, a Vernon city councillor is putting forward a motion to suspend all future Supportive Housing projects in Vernon until BC Housing has an independent review conducted. The motion also requests a third party audit (to be paid for by the province) to determine the existence, efficacy and outcomes of the services provided at Vernon’s supportive housing. This means My Place.
We all know how effective and transformative My Place supportive housing is for residents, and that the access to services provided there has changed many lives. We also know that in the past several years, homelessness and crime in our city is down, and that access to housing has been the key contributor.
The information the councillor seeks with this expensive and disruptive audit is already available through BC Housing’s public website or by picking up the phone to ask them (or us.)
We believe that this motion would do nothing more than cause disruption in our community’s strong relationship with BC Housing, create a distraction for city staff and elected officials, cost the province an enormous amount of money, and potentially put vulnerable lives at risk. An audit is typically suggested when there is an issue of concern. Here there is not. Homelessness on our streets is down. Crime on our streets is down. Why question something that is working so well?
What can you do to help? Share this post to your social media accounts, and:
Review the Motion put forward. It is located on page 280 in this link https://www.vernon.ca/…/agendas/210222_reg_agenda_pkg.pdf
Email or call your City Councillors. Their contact information is located here https://www.vernon.ca/government-services/mayor-council
If you believe the motion and suspending future supportive housing in Vernon is a negative step, now is the time to let your elected officials know.