Vernon, B.C.— The days are growing shorter, and the nights are getting colder.

We can all feel the winter getting ready to set in; however, the change of season will be hardest felt by the many people in our community experiencing homelessness or barriers to stable, secure housing.

As the non-profit groups and volunteers ready themselves for what will undoubtedly be an increased demand for compassion, care and generosity, it warms our heart to know that there are others in our community anticipating this need and starting to act in a way of great kindness.

Turning Points was recently the recipient of a great act of kindness, one that will help some of our community members who are most in need.

For the fourth straight year, a group of women from around the North Okanagan have generously donated dozens of backpacks, blankets and jackets for other women in our community experiencing poverty.

The backpacks are filled with life’s necessities; items that are taken for granted by many but thought of as a luxury by others

The women behind this kindness have always acted in anonymity, however, this year they have agreed to share a bit of their story in the hopes of inspiring others.

“Acting with kindness does not need any more reason other than it is the right thing to do. I hope by Turning Points sharing the news of our act of kindness, others in our community will be inspired to act in the same way. We all could use some kindness right now,” said Jamie, a member of the group.

The backpacks will be distributed through the Cammy LaFleur Clinic.

Turning Points Collaborative Society works closely with people in the Okanagan who would be considered our most vulnerable citizens. We offer a continuum of care that ranges from services and programs for people experiencing homelessness to addiction treatment and sober living facilities as well as employment services.