We wish to thank our business community for their support and to the many individuals in our community who donate clothing, supplies and monetarily to our Society. Your donations support people seeking employment and addictions recovery as well as people in need of housing and shelter. You are making a difference in the lives of men and women in your community!

Platinum Donations
[Exceeding $600,000]

Davies, Mike & Beverly

Gold Donations
[Exceeding $200,000]

Foord Family

Silver Donations
[Exceeding $10,000]

Frank J. Flaman Foundation 
Home depot 
Kalamalka Rotary Club 

Bronze Donations
[Exceeding $1,000]

Adams, Greg & Wendy $5,000
Biss, K.R. $1,000
Browne, Susan $1,500
CIBC $1,000
Community Foundation of the North Okanagan $3350
DeFehr, Wayne & Janet $2,000
Fehr, Kelly $6,000
Finch, Ken & Jean $3,000
Friesen, Ed $1,500
Harris, Gordon & Heather $3,000
McHugh, Edward $1,000
Monahan, Tom Jr. $1,000
Nerbus, Colleen $5,000
On Site Fencing $3,262
Prestige Inn $3,450
Pythian Sisters Vernon Temple #21 $1,500
Richardson, Linda $1,000
Seasons Garden Gifts $3,812
TD Bank $1,000
Trinity United Church $1,062
Vancouver city soul choir $2,000
Vernon Alliance Church $5,400
Vernon On Site Fencing $3,262
Vernon Gyro Club $1,000
Wall, Shelby $2,500


A Better Life Psychotherapy
Army Navy Airforce Unit #5
Abbott, Cory
All Saints Anglican Church
Asphalt Solutions
Baylis, Melanie
Behncke, Jurgen & Ullinka
Carlson, Marguerite
Carpay, Alida
Castles, Christopher
CFUW Vernon
Colombina, Rosa
Connor, Joan
Cripps, Rosalie
Dawson, Susan
Denis, Suzan
Ellis, Brenda (Sutton Group)
Facey, David & Colene
Fehr, Elsie
Fenton, Cathy
Foster, Eric
Fraher, John
Franklin, Barbara
Frost, Richard
Gans, Arthur
Gareb, Jack
Ghesquire, Randy
Hackman, Doug
Hales, Lois
Hebbert, Robert & Joyce
Heemskerk, Theresa & Harry
Hesketh, Pat
Innerwheel of Vernon
Kern & Company Law Corp
Knight, Niki
Labelle, Anita
Ladies Auxiliary Unit #5
Lake Country Pilates Inc.
Leonard, Lenore
Lukens, Al & Glenda
Malysh, Cindy
McCann, Chandra
Megyesi, Kelly
Mennell, Ken
Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation
Mitchell, Lloyd & Marion
Montgomery, Cherie
Moran, Byard & Linda
Morning Star
Murison, Kathleen
North Okanagan Youth Employment Enhancement Society
Northup, Betty Anne
Oberg, Leanne
Parkinson, Sheila
Phillips, Paul
Poirier, Mike
Polson Park Motel
Provincial Employees Community Services Fund
Rainer, Joanna
Sayer-McKenzie, Janet
Shklanka, Ethor D
Stoik, Bunny
Streicker, Lenore
Tambellini, Stephanie
Thompson, Chris
Tolko Industries Ltd.
Turner, Mary & William
University of British Columbia Okanagan, Nursing Program
Vernon Dinner Club
Vernon NA Group
Vernon Public Art Gallery
Vistica, Dobra
Wakefield, Jane
Williams, Colleen
Williams, Noreen
Wills, Rodney
Wing, Ray
Wiseman, Dr. Kevin