Education & Advocacy

One of our key priorities as an organization is to raise awareness about the issues that impact our community’s most vulnerable, like homelessness, the affordable housing crisis, and the challenges associated with substance use disorder. We also act as advocates for those in our community who are most impacted by these issues. In order to raise public awareness, advocate for our clients, and shape better social support systems, we offer educational presentations for service providers and sit on numerous social development committees and planning tables.

Community Education and Awareness  

In order to increase community capacity to serve our clients, we offer workshops on the following topics: naloxone training, harm reduction supplies, needle stick injuries, substance use disorder.  

Recent workshops:

For more information please contact Alison Houwelling, Manager of Education and Community Programs at [email protected]

Community Building

An important part of our role as an organization is to make sure that key community stakeholders understand the barriers our clients face and the shifts in policy, legislation, and community planning that would be necessary to eliminate (or significantly reduce) those barriers.  

What’s more, 50+ years of experience has taught us that the best way to meet our clients’ needs is to collaborate with other service providers, local governments, and even for-profit industries.   

To accomplish these goals, we offer presentations to key community stakeholders and sit on/lead numerous community planning tables.  

Recent Presentations:

Planning Tables: