Donations, small and large, allow us to provide life-changing programming and services 365 days a year for people experiencing homelessness, addiction, and/or unemployment. Every donation of cash or in kind services makes a difference. Every thoughtful donation helps us change someone’s life for the better.  

We take our commitment to our donors seriously. We promise you honesty, openness, integrity, and accountability.  

As a donor, you:  

For more information, please contact Melody Irmen, Finance Assistant at [email protected]   

There is more than one way to donate

It isn’t only cash that can make a difference. Donations of personal items, professional services, or space are just as valued.  We have been overwhelmed by our community’s ongoing support with donations like yoga space and equipment, hearing aids for our clients, water donations, and discounts on food services.  The list goes on and on and we are ever grateful. 

Turning Points Collaborative Society is always in need of the following items for participants in our employment programs and residents in our shelters: 

Donations can be arranged through [email protected]