Mission Statement

Our Mission

To achieve safe and sustainable housing in our communities by providing a continuum of housing, promoting health, and offering community outreach, employment and addiction services.


Building community; Strengthening people.


  • To provide safe and supportive housing alternatives that meet the needs of people who are homeless, at risk of being homeless or who are marginally housed.
  • To promote the health and safety of our community through social development and public education activities.
  • To build and deliver programs and services to strengthen life skills and provide opportunities for people in need.
  • To develop and deliver programs and resources that provide a continuum of recovery services.


  • We value ‘Heart Centered Leadership’ which supports our team’s ability to build powerful relationships by being kind, caring, and courageous.
  • We believe that housing is a basic human right.
  • We believe that every person has the right to be treated with dignity, equity, fairness, and compassion without discrimination.
  • We value collaboration as a core practice to achieving our goals.
  • We value safety, wellness, and a sense of wellbeing for our community, clients, and staff.