Continuum of Care

  • The Cammy LaFleur Outreach Program is designed to improve people’s health and prevent the transmission of blood-borne pathogens, decrease or prevent infections, and support people at risk of or who have blood-borne pathogens and/or infections. 

    The program’s mandate is to assist people in becoming stable, safer, healthier, heard and supported. To accomplish this, numerous services are provided including outreach, in-reach to shelter sites, community education, stigma reduction, and peer empowerment as well as ongoing collaboration with the HIV outreach nurse, the OAT (Opioid Antagonist Therapy) nurse, Interior Health MHSU (Mental Health and Substance Use), the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction and several other community organizations. 

    This program is named after the late local activist and humanitarian Cammy LaFleur. To find out more about Cammy and her legacy click here 


    • The fixed site is at 2800, 33rd Street, Vernon (Gateway Services Building). 
    • Outreach services are provided in Vernon, Enderby, Armstrong, Lumby and Cherryville.  
    • Harm Reduction deliveries and related supports can be coordinated for Enderby, Armstrong, Lumby and Cherryville. 

    Operating hours:

    • The fixed site is open 1-3 pm Monday – Friday. 
    • The shower program is open from 9 – 11am Tuesdays and Thursdays (toiletries and towels are provided)
    • Drug testing is available from 1 – 3pm on Tuesdays (in collaboration with UBCO HART)

    Eligibility: Open to all genders and all ages.  

    Free Services Provided: 

    • harm reduction supplies
    • sanitation supplies
    • showers
    • used clothing
    • wound care
    • health care
    • health navigation
    • case management
    • advocacy
    • referrals
    • other services/supplies as required
    • HIV support group (Bimonthly on Thursdays from 6 – 8 pm)
      • For more information phone 250-938-3518 or email Sarah.

    Additional Information:  

    • This program works closely with community partners including the Lumby Health Unit, and the Guardian pharmacies in Armstrong and Enderby.
    • This program supports a number of pre-employment programs for service users including VEPAD (Vernon Entrenched People Against Discrimination). 
    • This program offers community education sessions on stigma, substance use disorders, criminalization of people with substance use disorders, harm reduction, poverty reduction, and human rights. 

    Registration: No registration required. Program participants maintain 100% anonymity when accessing services. 

    For more information or to access Outreach services please call 250-938-3518 or email Sarah at [email protected] or Nelson at [email protected]


  • The Homelessness Outreach Program helps individuals and families who are homeless or experiencing housing insecurity secure housing. In order to do this, clients’ needs are assessed and then they are connected to stable accommodation and appropriate services based on this assessment.  

    Location: 2800 33rd Street, Vernon B.C.  

    Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm.  

    Eligibility: Anyone who is facing barriers to housing or experiencing homelessness and who is willing and motivated to work with HOP staff to find and maintain housing.  

    Free Services Provided: needs assessment, case management, referrals, and financial assistance for eligible clients.    

    Registration: Please contact Vera at [email protected] or 250-503-7317 to book an appointment to register. 


  • The Homelessness Prevention Program supports individuals and families who are at risk of losing their housing. In order to do this, the program develops relationships with landlords, acts as mediators, and provides short-term financial subsidies to eligible clients.   

    Location: 2800 33rd Street, Vernon B.C.  (services provided in Enderby, Lumby, Vernon, and Armstrong)   

    Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm.  

    Eligibility: People who are at risk of becoming homeless and are in one, or more, of the following groups:  

    – First Nations, Metis, or Inuit people;  
    – Women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence; 
    – Youth, including those leaving the care system; and/or 
    – People leaving the corrections and/or hospital systems  

    Free Services Provided: needs assessment, case management, referrals, and financial assistance for eligible clients.    

    Additional Information:   

    • All people accessing Homelessness Prevention Program services must provide proof of income and a tenancy agreement.   
    • Rental subsidies are made out to the client’s landlord and are mailed or delivered to them directly.   

    Registration: Please contact Eric Denison at [email protected]


  • The West Kelowna Outreach Team provides a continuum of service that begins with engagement at the street level and continues until clients are stable in housing and have strong financial and social supports in place.

    This innovative program prioritizes homelessness prevention, shelter diversion, and rapid resolution. In other words, all services are designed to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless maintain (or find new) housing, to help those experiencing homelessness explore safe housing options within their own social networks, and to help those who are in currently in shelter find longer-term, sustainable, alternatives.

    Location: Roaming in West Kelowna.

    Operating Hours: 7 days a week 10 am to 6 pm

    Eligibility: Open to anyone who is experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. This program is gender and age-inclusive.

    Free Services Provided:

    Outreach to those living rough:

    • hot meals
    • harm reduction and hygiene supplies
    • outdoor clothing and survival gear
    • case management – including referrals to supportive housing programs, transportation to appointments, and connection with income supports.

    Peer support:

    • residents of the temporary housing program are eligible to join our peer support program either as Peer Outreach Workers or as Peer Hotel Workers. This program provides training on how to support those who are currently experiencing homelessness
    • work experience and ongoing support

    Homelessness prevention:

    • help getting to and from appointments with long-term supportive housing providers, market rental housing interviews, grocery shopping, court dates, moving etc.
    • weekly and bi-weekly support for clients in long-term housing. This support continues until natural supports are in place. This continued support ensures clients do not cycle back into homelessness if housing is not suitable for any reason. Outreach workers can work with clients on address needs that make housing not sustainable including moving to alternate housing when needed

    Registration: No registration required.

    For more information please contact: 


    Outreach Manager, West Kelowna

    Candice Berry

    Tel: 250-826-2322
    Email: [email protected]

  • Turning Points has recognized that many of our clients get “stuck” without consistent and ongoing supports. This prevents them from accessing the services (both internal and external) that are available to them. The Client Care Coordinator and the Community Support Worker help these clients overcome the barriers they face to accessing services. They do this by providing mental health assessments, substance use assessments, counselling, support and advocacy services.  

    Turning Points has a part-time care coordinator and a full-time community support worker to help with this program. 

    Location: Various locations. The meeting point is set based on where the client is most comfortable.  

    Operating Hours:  

    Support Worker – Monday to Friday 8 – 4  

    Client Care Coordinator –  Wednesday and Thursday 8 – 4 

    Meeting times may be set outside of these hours in cases where the client is in crisis.  

    Eligibility: Open to anyone over the age of 19 who is experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.  

    Free services provided: Counselling, help filling out forms, mental health assessments, substance use assessments, information and referral services, and advocacy.   

    Registration:  No registration is required.


    For more information please contact:

    Client Care Coordinator

    Betty Keding
    Email: [email protected]






    Community Support Worker

    Melissa Brown
    Email: [email protected]