The goal of Bill’s Place is to develop a Sober Living Community, and create a safe environment for men and women choosing to enter into a recovery program. The 19 bed program is designed to help people during their journey towards restoring their lives and the lives of those around them. Bill’s Place Recovery Home offers a variety of recovery programs for people nineteen years of age and older.



Our programs are based on the Bio/Psycho/Social Model and 12 Step Model of Recovery, addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual deterioration that occurs from the use of mood-altering chemicals and behaviors. Through abstinence combined with the help of other support groups, Bill’s Place will provide the structure necessary for residents to grow in their sobriety, and personal recovery.


Significant life change takes time and hard work. There are no short cuts or easy ways out. Change often involves working through emotions such as anger,  pain, and fear. From the moment our residents walk through the front doors of Bill’s Place, they have started their journey down the road of recovery – learning the tools and skills necessary to live a life that’s happy, healthy, joyous, and free.


Our Residential program follows the 12 Step model, and emphasizes spirituality. We incorporate education, group therapy, relapse prevention and 12 Step meetings. With a strong belief that program planning is a partnership, each person is fully involved in the process, allowing individual needs to be identified and addressed.

We teach our residents to make positive changes in their lives, showing them how to live free from drugs and alcohol, connecting them with recovering people in the community, and help them reconnect with their families. Our goal is to encourage our residents to discover for themselves, that a spiritual life of recovery is one worth living.


Continuing Care is a critical part of all recovery programs. In this program, individuals continue to utilize the tools they’ve learned. They receive support from Bill’s Place staff, volunteers, and the local 12 Step community, but also begin to rely on the support of a healthy peer network. During Continuing Care, individuals attend structured group at a less intensive level than our Primary Care, while remaining in community.  The length of Continuing Care is tailored to the needs of each resident.



  • Men & Women 19 years of age or older
  • Medically and Physically stable

  • Seeking recovery from mood altering chemicals or behaviors
  • Willing and motivated to change

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Haven Place believes in the long term recovery process, and encourages individuals to join us in that process. Our Sober Living Community provides a stable, positive, monitored atmosphere that allows women and men to continue on their journey of recovery with others who share similar goals, beliefs, and accountability. Living close to their sober  sisters and brothers considerably increases the chance for long term recovery.


For family members of people struggling with addiction, Bills Place has partnered with a local family program called AWARE. The AWARE program is specifically designed for families to begin the healing process, and to explore how their lives have been affected by the illness. AWARE looks at issues like: understanding addiction, family dynamics, and the process of recovery.

Work BC Employment Program

Once the Primary Care program is complete clients are eligible to access the employment program.

Leadership Team

  • Brad Houghton, Manager of Addiction Services
  • Steve Braun, Program Coordinator/Case Worker
  • Filomena Alves, Community Support Worker
  • Ian Malcolm, Community Support Worker
  • Robert Ricard, Live in Support/Care Taker

To arrange an intake time or to learn more about admission requirements and fees.

Intake contact, Manager of Addiction Services contact: 

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