Turning Points is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia and a registered charity in Canada.

The Society is governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors. Our current Board of Director’s skill sets and experience include:

Board Leadership Team

  1. Blair Pedon, Retired Probation Officer
  2. Brynna Hambly, Lawyer
  3. Cheryl Schmidt, Certified Accountant
  4. Juliette Cunningham, Business Owner/Retired City Councillor
  5. Kevin Robertson, Lawyer
  6. Kimberly Fuller, Architect
  7. Nicola Hodelet, Psychiatrist
  8. Phyllis Simon, Notary
  9. Rob Sawatzky, Retired Physician/Mayor

The Board of Directors welcomes you to our new web site. We hope that you will find it useful and informative.

Staff Leadership Team

  1. Randene Wejr, Co-Executive Director
    1. Email: randene.wejr@nullturningpoints.ngo
  2. Kelly Fehr, Co-Executive Director
    1. Email: kelly.fehr@nullturningpoints.ngo
  3. Betty-Lee Longstaff, Controllor
    1. Email: bettylee.longstaff@nullturningpoints.ngo
  4. Brad Houghton, Manager of Addiction’s Services
    1. Email: bradley.houghton@nullturningpoints.ngo
  5. Shelley Kiefiuk, Blair Apartments, 33 Street-Bridge Housing Manager
    1. Email: shelley.kiefiuk@nullturningpoints.ngo
  6. Lisa Church, Gateway Shelter Manager
    1. lisa.church@nullturningpoints.ngo
  7. Maggie Metz, Howard House, Our Place Shelter Manager
    1. Email: maggie.metz@nullturningpoints.ngo